Hanging Wine Rack
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Hanging and wall mounted wine racks offer big style using little space. High End at Discount Prices so enjoy yourself. No Shipping Fee
Hanging Wine Rack

Hanging Wine Rack

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Deluxe 7 Piece Wine SetDeluxe 7 Piece Wine Set
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Handmade Hanging Wine Rack With 16 SlotsHandmade Hanging Wine Rack With 16 Slots
Handmade Hanging Wine Rack With 24 SlotsHandmade Hanging Wine Rack With 24 Slots
Hanging Metal Wine Rack, BlackHanging Metal Wine Rack, Black
Hanging Vineyard Wine And Wineglass RackHanging Vineyard Wine And Wineglass Rack
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Metal Hanging Wine RackMetal Hanging Wine Rack
Metal Hanging Wine/Glass RackMetal Hanging Wine/Glass Rack
Modern Metal Hanging Wine Rack With 7 Horizontal SlotsModern Metal Hanging Wine Rack With 7 Horizontal Slots
Nickel Metal Hanging Wine RackNickel Metal Hanging Wine Rack
Old World Metal Wall Wine RackOld World Metal Wall Wine Rack
Old World Wood Wine RackOld World Wood Wine Rack
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Wall-Mounted Wine FridgeWall-Mounted Wine Fridge
Wood Hanging Wine Rack 57"HWood Hanging Wine Rack 57"H
Wood Wine Rack Wall DecorWood Wine Rack Wall Decor

Hanging Wine Rack A Functional 3 Dimensional Art Piece.

An excellent way to free floor space and enjoy a useful wall sculpture. Todays hanging wine rack is not only versatile in design but made of many materials from metal, resin, wood and even the metal and wood wine rack combination. Elegant to rustic - todays designers have us in mind.

How to choose the perfect hanging wine rack for you?

Consider the intended area.

Kitchen or dinning room: If casual or rustic a 4 bottle with chalkboard at top metal and wood wine rack is                                                            delightful as you may write the menu or what wine goes with what course etc.


Contemporary Design: Modern metal wine racks are for you. The simplicity of their design makes them elegant.                                              The wine label themed is built of an aged metal rail that frames 5 bottle brackets that                                                    when empty reveal a vintage label behind, truly stunning. A streamline wood wine rack                                                  may work well depending on the style of your room.


Traditional Setting: How about black metal hanging wine racks with scrolling grapes and vines or vintage vineyard                                      works well too. Both have slots to display your delicate stemware. Wood always fits                                                      traditional, simply select the shade of hanging wood wine rack that complements your                                                  existing decor.


Modern or Classic: The Wood Wine Rack offers warmth and beauty. The wood wine rack is wall art. Wood is                                               perhaps most popular as it enhances decor. Such as wood or textile of existing furniture in                                           your happy home. Say classic setting, and cherry is in the color scheme good, Classic Hanging                                       Wine Rack fits. The Hand Made Wood wine rack with 16 or 24 slots is a work of art and magic.                                       Re: hanging wine rack they are outstanding. Old world to modern they fit and why don't the                                         bottles fall out with necks facing slightly down? It's the angle of the whole drilled and there is                                       a plank of wood behind each row of wholes we don't see to keep the bottle neck steady in                                             place.Ta DA!


Best Outdoor use: Resin or Metal Hanging Wine Racks withstands weather best in a covered patio setting. Wood                                       warps. In our photo gallery Powder Coated finished metal wine racks or resin is the way to go                                       as they are weather resistant.

What if Modern or Vintage even featuring a label would look best?


Solution to protect metal wine racks: Buy a can of high gloss or matt finish clear coat and spray away: Simply place wine rack on news paper for example and spray from a distance. Flip & spray back side. Who Knew? Simple actually, sea spray or snow degrade life span of the hanging wine rack exposed to outdoor elements.
Hanging Wine Rack, Metal Wine Racks or Wood Wine Rack

We only offer High End: Research works: Your new wine rack must be quality not a copy. Built to last as your good taste has chosen your new hanging wine rack to enjoy as a wall sculpture for a long time.
Free Professional Design Assistance Available

Perhaps one fits your space but another is tempting too: What to do?
Request a call discuss everything from floor design to measure of space.

Shipping is swift, returns are simple, High End at Discount Price, So enjoy yourself.

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